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In addition to figuring out how to color in photoshop, I started a tumblr.

Also, I moved to Austin, TX. Probably you knew that.


Strip Show; 90s ‘alt’ rock

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Drawn in the Manchester, NH Airport between the hours of ten and midnight. Are you at all familiar with the pick-up line being referenced here? If you aren’t, then this probably just seems misogynist and mean.

The next one, aside from the obvious part, was drawn in Sarasota, FL between seven and ten am. You might have to click on it to see, but it’s animated!

I’m not sure whether or not that one was funny. Also, computer coloring! The best education money could buy didn’t make me a genius at it. I’ll just have to practice at it like the rest of ya’ll bustaz.

It feels really good to post on here again! I’ll probably lay another post on you either later this week or early next. (because yeah, I do intend to make good on the promise I made that I was going to post more often.)

The idea for the next drawing slapped me in the face while I was driving 70 miles an hour on I-89 in New Hampshire. So I pulled onto the shoulder and dashed out a sketch. It was only once I got home that I said to myself, “hey waitaminnit, isn’t this the same image as on the cover of seminal and somewhat irritating 90s alt-rock sensation Third Eye Blind’s self-titled record?”
No, is the answer. Thank God.

I’ll see you again sooner than you think, my darlings.

HOSPITLOLZ; Yoke and Crown art preview; MoCCA Recap, all too late

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True story. I guess that might be offensive to rectal cancer sufferers, but my reaction amused me, even though it was a horrible situation.

Sorry for having been gone so long. Things in the personal spectrum have prohibited me from sparing the time for this internets thing. I know that when a blog or webcomic I’m following doesn’t update for a month or so I start to debate deleting the RSS feed from my bookmarks. I rarely do, but that impulse–of breaking a fictional tie to what is, in these times, essentially a fictional person, simply for the fact that maybe they’ve been too busy to put free things online for the gratification of my peepers–it’s not one that I like. Obviously, nobody would notice, and even fewer would actually care, but these are the nature of my anxieties.

I’ve been, since we last spoke, working REALLY HARD (probably harder than I’ve ever worked at anything) to finish the Yoke and Crown. To the exclusion of much of my responsibility as a grown-ass man, unfortunately. It looks okay, though, so I guess that’s worth something. Here, have a sneak peek:

Those of you who immediately assumed from the panel layout that the Yoke and Crown is a comics version of The Brady Bunch Movie are woefully incorrect. It’s actually an adaptation of A Very Brady Sequel. 6 is Jan.

I’m about ten pages of inks and forty pages of letters away from being done with this mug. I hope to have it finished before my Thesis at the Center for Cartoon Studies is due on the 2nd. We’re down to the wire here folks, and tensions are high. You’ll probably not hear from me again until that thing is done with.

Also, I went to MoCCA Fest in New York this past weekend, where I was fortunate enough to trade with a wide assortment of fantastic individuals, including, in no particular order:

  • Josh Bayer, from whom I received an incredible ROM, Spaceknight tribute comic
  • BORT, perpetrator of a multitude of small mindbending comics
  • JP Coovert, CCS alumnus and author of There Must Be More
  • Agent Agnes, executioner (not a typo) of a wonderful ero-guro story about botflies in Nice Guts volume 0 (probably you should not click on that link until you get home)
  • Ken Wong, who tells stories through folded paper, which is significantly more interesting than that description would entail JUST GO TO HIS SITE
  • A bunch of other people whose work was equally appreciated, but isn’t in from of me at the moment

I was tabling with my cohorts Andy Christensen (Giving ‘Stag Party’ a horrifying new meaning since 2010) CJ Joughin, whose webcomic City of Cards debuted in time for the show. Go read her comic. GO.

I don’t know when I’m going to table again. MoCCA and NYC were so overwhelming that even though CJJ, Carrie Griffin, Lindsey and I all went to see Kaiju Big Battel, I still came out of the con feeling drained and somewhat demoralized. When time to think becomes less of an extravagance, I need to reassess my goals with and approach to this comics thing.

I know, right? Existential crises always come at the most inopportune time. Call it a quarter-life crisis.

Thanks for reading all that flagellation. Here, have this thing:

Thanks for stopping in, my dears. I’ll have more things for you soon, I promise.

NSFW: Like an eight-year-old

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Not real sure where this came fromClick to make this more legible.

Later today: A sumi-e sketch, maybe a doodle or two, brain leavings as the month of June begins to wind down.