The Black Dog and the Hole at the Heart of the World, Part 2

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I don't think it'll show up on the internet, but there are some seriouslt interesting halftone patterns in the print edition.

In celebration of my completion and printing of part 3, here’s the second part of the Black Dog and the Hole at the Heart of the World for FREE. Don’t say I never gave you nothin’!

Part 3 is now available at my BigCartel shop for pretty darn cheap–help a brother out! Continue reading


Backgrounds and the Hole at the Heart of the World

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A friend of mine complimented me on the backgrounds in the Black Dog and the Hole at the Heart of the World pt. 2 this week, which naturally swelled my heart. So I thought I’d talk about drawing on lived experience to create environments.

Most of which comes from my recent tenure in Austin, TX, a city at the center of my home state and heart.Courtesy of

As has been observed by countless vapid music and technology journalists, Austin has a pretty unique character: an island of liberalism in the middle of God’s Country, Austin boasts one of the liveliest music scenes in the US, a sizable visual art community, and reasonably functional public transit.

Which looks similar to this.

So the city in Black Dog and the Hole at the Heart of the World is basically Southeast Austin.

Part 1, Page 14, Panel 1

Courtesy of

(Above: East Oltorf, more or less. I used to live in an apartment complex a little off the main street here with my brother. Shout out to Eric!)

I didn’t have a camera when I was living there, and I wasn’t really drawing as much as I should have been, so all I really have to go off of is my memory and Google, which serve nicely when I can remember what neighborhood on which I want to base the location.

I’m not using Google as much as I am my memory, though. I know that if I were to attempt to slavishly reproduce every neighborhood I want Caleb and Gabi to visit in this book I’d probably lose interest faster than your grandad diving into W.G. Sebald’s Austerlitz. So I’ve been trying to evoke an emotional likeness to Austin rather than a photographic likeness, which is, I think, more accurate.

(Do you remember what the bus stops looked like near your first apartment? Or do you remember what happened there?
Do you remember the logo of the pho place near Gordon’s house, or do you remember the first time he asked you out?
Do you remember the precise name of every business on South Congress Ave., or do you remember talking with Becca about how fitted jeans are a corporonormative fashion? Do you remember making up the word “corporonormative?” )

From Part 2, based on South Congress Street in AustinWe don’t remember specific details about our environments until they’re made important to us by emotional involvement,  I think. Which is why it’s so easy for cartoonists to draw only the barest suggestions of their characters’ surroundings, and why I can get away with only using one-point perspective most of the time.
I guess the Black Dog and the Hole at the Heart of the World could really be set anywhere; but because I lived in Austin for a while, it makes more sense to me to reference those spaces with which I am familiar.

Of course, some of my referenced locations aren’t actually in Austin; some are a bit closer to my current home in Vermont:

Outside 2DOGS BARCJs at Than Wheelers Tavern

(They’re pretty similar, trust.)

There’ll be something new in the store tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled.

The Black Dog and the Hole at the Heart of the World, pt 1

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Before which the days slipped away

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…unnoticed, like the pages of a Dean Koontz novel or a stack of $1 bills.
I’ve been off the internet for a minute or two, but I’ve been busting my hump working full time, trying to fulfill some commissions (more on these as they are completed) and participating in Paul and Lena’s Drawn-Out Storytelling a couple of weeks ago, the images for which I shall share with you below.

I was tasked with illustrating a harrowing tale of post-graduate rootlessness by a gentleman named Eric Feldman, whose work I would link you to were I able to find any of it on the internet. Mr. Feldman uprooted himself from an unrewarding desk job at a legal firm in order to brave the stares, tepid water, mosquitoes, and urine-soaked rats of the Sri Lankan wilderness. Makes for good drawin’, let me tell ya. Check the alt text for jokes.

I’d have colored these if I’d had the time, but dang, ya’ll, a full time job ain’t no joke. I WILL, however, be back again soon. There’s new stuff up on the tumblr all the time, though, so if you need a base hit of Canto to stop the trembling and get the bugs out of your skin,you know where to point your peepers.


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This weekend at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy in beautiful Austin was the third annual Webcomics Rampage mini convention!

It was a great little show–a wide selection of webcomickers showed up to hawk their wares and hold panel discussions in the back room. The one pictured above was a general-interest discussion, kept lively primarily by the witty banter of Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue (5th from R), Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content (house left of Joel), and R.K. Milholland of Something Positive(blocked by a blond giant). It was pretty inspiring to hear these folks talk about their work and how devoted they are to their craft. It was a bit of a kick in the pants for ol’ Carl, who hasn’t really been working as hard as he could be on this whole comics thing. To be remedied.

Thanks to all the great cartoonists who came out in addition to those linked above: Josh Lesnick of Girly and Slipshine (Dr. Voluptua is even sexier in print), Bill Williams of Lone Star Press and Side-Chicks, David Willis of Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age (Sorry if I drew your head weird, dude), Rob DenBlyker of Cyanide and Happiness, Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots, and Nicholas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship (Sorry I didn’t draw you in there, I couldn’t see you. I know you look like Jesus or Charles Manson, though).

I’ll post solo images of these folks on the tumblr later today. Stay warm, amigos.


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In addition to figuring out how to color in photoshop, I started a tumblr.

Also, I moved to Austin, TX. Probably you knew that.

I know what landscapes look like.

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Here, have some watercolors from a recent trip to Maine:

That’s what I assume must be Thomas Point.

This one was penciled on-site at Pemaquid Point, then inked, blown up, and watercolored over back here in the Junc. That’s Jess in the pic.

Also, this happened:

Legs, shoes, tartar sauce.

Sorry if I’m not as verbose as normal this week; there are a scant six days left before I hit the road, and I’m freaking out a bit for a wide variety of reasons. Is it weird that I’m only moderately less stressed about this move than I was about thesis?