Towards the Stage VI: I Forgot to Mention…

…In Towards the Stage V that I was, by some truly wacked alignment of celestial bodies, selected to receive an additional grant for Büer’s Kiss by none other than the Heinz Endowments! A Small Arts Initiative grant, in particular. I had announced this on Twitter already, but it deserves discussion here.

This is obviously a huge deal, not in the least because the additional monies more than triple my initial budget, but also because of the tremendous esteem afforded by the awarding of said.

Apropos of nothing.

The largest part of this money is going to paying the actors and technicians who are helping me realize this project, a bit more to paying my recently hired assistant Mathew New (you’ll click that link and buy his comics if you know what’s good for you, dear reader), a decent print run of the first half which will be given away with ticket purchase to attendees of the New Hazlett performances , etc., etc.

I feel I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating here: if you’re a comics creator with a modicum of social skills and the wherewithall to write an application, APPLY FOR A DAMN GRANT. YOU PROBABLY DESERVE IT.

I’m dead serious, dear reader, and I want you to put down your pen and get to the home page of your local arts organization. Grants are actually *free money* to do your work, and if you live in a decent sized city, they can probably help not only your career but also your process.


One of the grosser panels. I felt a third picture was necessary.

Because of the inestimable assistance I’ve received even at this far remove from my funders, I’ve been able to get a respectable 76 out 110 pages of Büer’s Kiss done in less than 6 months, largely due to the fact that I wrote money to pay myself and so “buy time” away from my day job, a practice I also encourage you to apply and adapt to your own dealings.

You can email me or tweet at me, and I will be happy to look over your application or help you to do one (for a modest fee).

The show is now less than a month away and let me tell you, my friend, I am HERE FOR IT.

Next time, I’ll talk about our second rehearsal and how that reinvigorated me.


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