The Pestle, Pt.1

I present to you, dear and patient reader, the first installment of my current project, The Pestle. Behind the cut are the first twenty pages of what will be a seventy some odd page story, which is currently running in Maple Key Comics. Print editions, at the time of this writing, are available for purchase in the shop, and the third chapter is nearing completion–soon to be available in Maple Key Comics Issue 6.

You can get a print edition of this chapter in Maple Key Comics 4, and the second part in Maple Key Comics 5!



pestis_1_04_pasta pestis_1_05_pasta

pestis_1_06_pasta pestis_1_07_pasta


pestis_1_10_pasta pestis_1_11_pasta

pestis_1_12_pasta pestis_1_13_pasta

pestis_1_14_pasta pestis_1_15_pasta

pestis_1_16_pasta  pestis_1_17_pasta

pestis_1_18_pasta pestis_1_19_pasta pestis_1_20_pastaAs above, the next chapter is available in Maple Key Comics Issue 5, in either print or handy-dandy .pdf formats. You can also save yourself a couple bucks by ordering a 3-issue subscription!


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