Before which the days slipped away

…unnoticed, like the pages of a Dean Koontz novel or a stack of $1 bills.
I’ve been off the internet for a minute or two, but I’ve been busting my hump working full time, trying to fulfill some commissions (more on these as they are completed) and participating in Paul and Lena’s Drawn-Out Storytelling a couple of weeks ago, the images for which I shall share with you below.

I was tasked with illustrating a harrowing tale of post-graduate rootlessness by a gentleman named Eric Feldman, whose work I would link you to were I able to find any of it on the internet. Mr. Feldman uprooted himself from an unrewarding desk job at a legal firm in order to brave the stares, tepid water, mosquitoes, and urine-soaked rats of the Sri Lankan wilderness. Makes for good drawin’, let me tell ya. Check the alt text for jokes.

I’d have colored these if I’d had the time, but dang, ya’ll, a full time job ain’t no joke. I WILL, however, be back again soon. There’s new stuff up on the tumblr all the time, though, so if you need a base hit of Canto to stop the trembling and get the bugs out of your skin,you know where to point your peepers.


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