Some Old Bullsh*t: “CREAM 3: Spheres”

I’ve been a bit creatively stalled the past month (also, incredibly lazy–hence the lack of updates.). Sorry, dudes, it happens to the best of us. But, in order to assuage the roaring guilt that has been stalking the back of my mind this July, I present to you CREAM 3: SPHERES, a comic whose physical incarnation has a stenciled cardboard cover. You may have bought one from me at a con. Or maybe not. Anyway, I’m not printing any more of them because they’re a tremendous pain in the ass, so those of you who don’t have print copies get to read it for free!
Here you go!

So yeah, there you go. There’s a lot of stuff that’s imperfect about this, but it’s probably my favorite piece from my first year at CCS. The assignment was to adapt one of Aesop’s fables into comic form. I picked one, sat and thought about it probably too long and in the wrong way, and ended up with the above monstrosity. I hope you liked it, I guess.

Also, people who came here searching for “Horse Genitalia” and “www.enemahospital.c0m,” I certainly hope this wasn’t too disappointing and that you eventually find what seek.


One Response to “Some Old Bullsh*t: “CREAM 3: Spheres””

  1. Michael Brown Says:

    I can’t describe to you how much I love this, and how… nostalgic..this makes me..

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