Strip Show; 90s ‘alt’ rock

Drawn in the Manchester, NH Airport between the hours of ten and midnight. Are you at all familiar with the pick-up line being referenced here? If you aren’t, then this probably just seems misogynist and mean.

The next one, aside from the obvious part, was drawn in Sarasota, FL between seven and ten am. You might have to click on it to see, but it’s animated!

I’m not sure whether or not that one was funny. Also, computer coloring! The best education money could buy didn’t make me a genius at it. I’ll just have to practice at it like the rest of ya’ll bustaz.

It feels really good to post on here again! I’ll probably lay another post on you either later this week or early next. (because yeah, I do intend to make good on the promise I made that I was going to post more often.)

The idea for the next drawing slapped me in the face while I was driving 70 miles an hour on I-89 in New Hampshire. So I pulled onto the shoulder and dashed out a sketch. It was only once I got home that I said to myself, “hey waitaminnit, isn’t this the same image as on the cover of seminal and somewhat irritating 90s alt-rock sensation Third Eye Blind’s self-titled record?”
No, is the answer. Thank God.

I’ll see you again sooner than you think, my darlings.


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