I Graduated!; Wesley Dodds; Guardian of the Forest of Intestines

It’s true! On Saturday 14 May, 2011, your humble narrator became a certified Master of Fine Arts. I’ve spent much of the intervening time in varying states of unconsciousness, which was much needed, after worrying myself sick that I’d walk into my thesis review committee meeting only to seeFortunately, Alec Longstreth, Michelle Ollie, and Jason Lutes saw fit to award my ass a diploma. Huzzah!

I know that blog posts have been sparse and generally pretty miserable of late, but I think a large part of that was due to THESISCANTO taking over. He’s not the nicest of people to be around, generally due to his irritability and borderline-delirium, but I promise, readers, things are going to be more cheerful, or at least more frequent, from here on out.

I’m determined to make comics until I can no longer hold a pen in my dusty, skeletal fingers, and I’m fairly sure that the rest of the CCS class of 2011 feels the same way.

God help whosoever stands in our way.
We will draw them into boxes and erase them.
We will do a batch edit that replaces them with pictures of dumb-looking cats eating ice cream.
We will flood the world with our ink and clog their rivers with our nibs.

Right. I also read all of Sandman Mystery Theatre over the course of the past couple of weeks. Wesley and Dian stole their way into my heart easily, like the seasoned detectives that they became over the course of the series’ seventy issues. Matt Wagner, Steven Seagle, and Guy Davis (along with the guest artists who filled in every couple of arcs) crafted an amazing expanded cast of characters in a convincing portrayal of 1930s-40s New York that left me pretty confused as to what decade I was actually in when I was done. It’s one of Vertigo’s less popular titles at the moment, unfortunately, most likely due to the lack of supernatural elements and the fact that it was completed over 10 years ago, but damn, y’all. If there was ever a book for pulp noir fans who actually enjoy well-written characters, this was it.

I’ve also been doing some research into Sumerian/Akkadian myth, more out of curiosity than towards any particular project (though there are a couple on the back burner right now, I assure you!).
I stumbled across Humbaba.
Those of you who actually did all your assigned reading in your high school English classes (or who play Final Fantasy games) may find the name familiar. Humbaba (or Huwawa in some translations) was the guardian of the cedar forest that Gilgamesh and Enkidu slew in the epic poem of the same name.
He’s described in the poem as having the head of a lion, but the depictions of him discovered in Sumerian ruins generally (as far as I can tell) depict his face with “a single coiling line, like that of the coiled entrails of men and beasts, from which omens might be read.” This description interests me for obvious reasons. It should also be noted that Humbaba is the brother of Pazuzu, the demon of the Southwest Wind, whose name you might remember from the Exorcist movies. I’ll post a drawing of ol’ Pazuzu later, but for now, feast your unholy peepers on this beastie:


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