Thesis Overview, FBCD 2011

Hey, ya’ll.

Those of you who follow other CCSers’ blogs should know that all the seniors turned in their theses Monday. Worry not, I got my business in on time. Would you like to see what it looks like?

This is what the exterior of the packet looks like. I think it’s pretty classy–probably the best designed thing I’ve created since I enrolled at CCS. But what’s on the inside?

Why, it’s the second screenprint I’ve attempted in my life, of course! Why would I have bothered with this more than once before it really mattered?
Answer: because that would have been WAY too responsible.
But what was inside this butcherpaper envelope, you ask? The following:

First of all, the completed Tentacle Kid book I was working on all of last semester. I’m not totally proud of these pages, but they’re a reflection of my abilities at that time. I’ll still sell it till my stock is gone, but I hope that readers assume that I’ll get better with time.

This is that book that I’ve been chipping at since February. I’m relatively pleased with how it turned out: it’s probably the best-looking art that I’ve been able to pull off in my relatively short career in doing comics.

Yes. That is my Master’s thesis. It’s out of my hands now, so no matter how hard I freak out about the quality and quantity of my work, there is literally nothing else I can do to ensure my passing. So it’s time to catch up on sleep and actual, factual food.

Heads up to all ya’ll in the Upper Valley: I’m going to be at the Lebanon Newbury Comics this Saturday in celebration of Free Comic Book Day. I won’t have anything for free, since that is a luxury of larger operations, but I will have things for sale–things that’ll be cheaper and more generously produced than the average mainstream comic! THIIIINGS! I’ll be there from 12-2pm, with the wonderful S.R. Bissette, Chris Warren, Lena Chandhok, Denis St. John, Ben Horak, and the presumably wonderful Blair Shedd, who I’ve never met. If you can’t make it between those hours but still want to support indie cartooning, you can stop by anytime between 10 am and 10 pm. There’ll be at least two cartoonists sitting there hawking their wares. Hope to see you there!


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