CCS Appreciation Week: NOPE

In honor of  CCS Appreciation Week, we present to you a 3-pager in what passes for our 60’s underground style:


SCARYGHOSTS aside, what can I say about CCS?

It has, genuinely, given me more practical information from two years of schooling than I got in the four years I received in my undergrad.

It has introduced me to some of the best friends I’ve ever had. There’s no denying it, we’re all a bunch of freaks. And us freaks gotta stick together, cos if we don’t, “they” win.

It’s full of people who are even more passionate than me (which is a weird thing, since I rely on said passion to see me through whatever project I’m working on), it’s populated with people more talented than me, and it’s jam-fucking-packed with cartoonists more social than I.

I completely fucking love CCS, and would not trade the time I have spent here for anything, even if it meant a book deal.**

So if you’re a cartoonist, and you’re serious about your art, and by some bizarre  happenstance you’ve stumbled across this post, APPLY TO TO THE CENTER FOR CARTOON STUDIES. You’ve got nothing to lose.


*It should be noted that I’ve played pretty fast & loose with the architecture here. Deal with it.



10 Responses to “CCS Appreciation Week: NOPE”

  1. Damn, that last image is amazing. This comic is great and spoooooky~!

  2. Aw, bro, we love you, too!

  3. i love that you’re still obsessed with tentacles.

  4. Generally: Yeah, dude. Yeah.

    Specifically: That’s some great lettering in that 3-pager.

  5. […] love to talk to you about comics, comics school, or whatever. 🙂 You can also check out these other posts about CCS from other students and […]

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