Tentacle Kid: The Wolves of San Papel

Hey, ya’ll! In celebration of my having (finally) finished the first part of the Tentacle Kid story that I’ve been working on (print edition to appear at MoCCA, hopefully), I figured I’d share this with you. “The Wolves of San Papel” appeared last year in the Tales from San Papel anthology, edited by CCSers Nomi Kane and Jon Fine, and has the (dubious) honor of being the first Tentacle Kid story of any length. Have a gander, won’t you? As always, click the images to embiggen.

It’s nice to know that I’ve improved a bit since last year, if at the sacrifice of speed.

More comics soon, I promise!


Edit: I forgot to mention that Brain Wolf/wolves are the creation of fellow CCS-er Ben Juers, who’s been working on some wonderful slapstick stuff the last year or so. I wonder what his thesis will be like?

…Sorry for forgetting to link you before, buddy.


2 Responses to “Tentacle Kid: The Wolves of San Papel”

  1. No worries!

  2. Dude, I know I’m being a super creeper, but this was AWESOME.

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