2011: LET’S GO!

Yeah, it’s a bit late. But here’s a pretty thing for you to make up for it:

This image is a bit of an experiment with ink washes. I’m redoing the tones on my Tentacle Kid story with ’em–a distinct difference from the brocess shown here–and the possibilities of this method are blowing my mind. In particular, the gorgeous blooming of ink into wet paper has captured my imagination. If you’ve never seen that happen, it’s amazing: a blossom of information expands in uncontrolled designs when the brush touches the surface, an almost-living equation that I’m not mathy enough to comprehend unfolding through the water and staining a formerly featureless plane.

Flowery, I know. Sometimes I’m moved by stuff like this.

The final semester in my MFA program here at the Center for Cartoon Studies begins on Tuesday, and I am chomping at the bit for class to get started. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also scared as all-get-out at the prospect of having to begin my professional, adult-type life in May, but there’re seventy or so pages between here and there, thank god.

Also, Susan Declares Independence is now easier to read, since I archived all of it into a single page! There’s a permalink up top, too. Cos I’m just that nice.

In closing, here is a pensive Irwin McGraw.

I’ll post again soon, I promise.


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