Triple-nut update beatdown: Beefsteak 2011; “I’ll eat your heart, Hal Jordan!”; Suggestive Programming

Perusers of other CCS blogs should know by now that there’s been a couple of projects aimed at the creation of slightly risque calendars peopled with drawings of idealized-yet-somehow-still-pasty cartoonist bodies in varying stages of undress. Those of you who know me personally should not at all be surprised by the image that follows this sentence, which is Rio Taylor and my offering to the Beefsteak 2011 Calendar!

Each month in the Beefsteak calendar is lovingly illustrated with a collaborative piece of all-new color artwork by a disgusting number of talented individuals: Rio and Yours truly, Pat Barrett and Jesse Mead, Kevin Uehlein and Ben Horak, Casey Bohn and Tom Casteel, Jai “Effin’ Canadian” Granofsky and Monty, Nick Patten and Carl Mefferd, Andy Warner and Billage, Randall Drew and Dakota McFadzean, Cat Garza and Jon Fine, Josh Kramer and Jan Burger, Max Mose and Paul Swartz, and last but only least in terms of free testosterone, Katie Moody and Melanie Gillman. (Damn, that was a lot of links.)

Anyway! I’ve got 5 3 copies of this sucka to sell, and they’re priced to move at a scant $7 per copy, shipping to the continental US included. If you’d like a copy of this beautiful object to adorn your wall, assist you in keeping track of the date, and mildly titillate you on a daily basis, shoot me an email at snarlinlobetrotter[at] Family members need not apply.
Also, colossal ups go to Josh Kramer for putting this mother together. Getting cartoonists organized is sometimes like herding cats, but J-Krame achieved it without a drop of sweat.

I’ve also been reading Blackest Night, because I stay at least a year behind on mainstream comics–not on purpose, but huge multi-title crossovers tend to drain my wallet (and hence my interest) fairly quickly. The point being this:

Atrocitus is my role model and new idol, even if I’m a little too bad with reds to be able to color him properly. Pedantic nerds will note that he’s off model, closer to the design of the toy than to the comic character, to which I must respond: “Grow a pair, kid.”

Finally, this, the result of an in-class exercise on freehand perspective from Jason Lutes:

Also, thanks to Chris Onstadt of Achewood for coining the phrase that titles this update.


7 Responses to “Triple-nut update beatdown: Beefsteak 2011; “I’ll eat your heart, Hal Jordan!”; Suggestive Programming”

  1. Atrocitus yeeeeah~! Suddenly he reminds me of N-Man…

  2. Ohhhhhh my. You were telling me about the male pinup thing, but didn’t (remember? bother?) show me the results. Any who I am speechless and I have $7 (or a 6 pack) with your name on it. You know me…I can’t resist pictures of scantily clad persons of either gender.

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  4. […] piece of all-new color artwork by a disgusting number of talented individuals: Rio and Yours truly (Canto), Pat Barrett and Jesse Mead, Kevin Uehlein and Ben Horak, Casey Bohn and Tom Casteel, Jai […]

  5. […] Beefsteak was edited by Josh Kramer and includes work by (*takes deep breath*) Rio Taylor,  Canto, Pat Barrett, Jesse Mead, Kevin Uehlein, Ben Horak, Casey Bohn, Tom Casteel, Jai Granofsky, […]

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