The Guns of Pittsburgh; Save a horse, draw a cowboy Pt. 1

Greetings, salutations, felicitations, &c.!

Sorry if it seems like forever since I blogged–we had a big deadline last Monday up here at CCS, and the intervening week and weekend were used up by PIX, which was a helluva good time.

While I was there, I drew some stuff!

This one was kind of fun.



The awful teeth came without context, but the SpaceApe–I guess I was thinking about Kode9’s collaborator on Memories of the Future (?)–arrived with the following description:

SpaceApe, the ape from space, lives in the deepest, darkest emptiest expanse of intergalactica available on his limited budget. As a result, his social skills are extremely stunted and he has a tendency to say the single most inappropriate thing possible at the single most inappropriate time imaginable. It is for this reason that the SpaceApe’s appearance is regarded as an ill omen at parties.

I was delirious with some manner of head and chest cold that I’m just getting over today, so I assume that had something to do with it.

Also, these happened:

A kind of slanted drawing of a cowboy from the TimeLife Old West volume on the topic. He was originally surprised by the photographer’s flash, I think.

For some reason nobody wanted this one. Maybe the idea of oversized female genitalia is not as interesting to most people as the internet would lead me to believe it is.

Further on the topic of that TimeLife volume, it’s already been an amazing resource for me. And I been drawing out of it too! Have some Montana Cowboys, whyncha.

The mustache was at is strongest as a cultural meme in the late 1800s.The TimeLife Old West series was recommended to me by Jason Lutes, an awesome dude and one of my instructors here at CCS. The books are really nice–leatherbound, bunches of full-color plates, nice heavyweight full-gloss paper, well-tooled covers with sections of Remington paintings–and they’re (mostly) less than a dollar on Amazon!

My birthday is in December, readers.

As stated before, PIX was fantastic, and I could not have asked for a better first con to table at, even if I was hacking up unnaturally colored pieces of infestation from my lungs. Massive props to all attendees and tablers, especially the following:

  • Cupcakes and Comics, who have delicious baked goods and panels,
  • Kevin Czapiewski, whose PUPPYTEETH anthology rocked my sore-chested world,
  • And, of course, my inestimable fellows Max, Paul, and Lena, all of whom are beautiful people and worthy traveling companions.

If I’m still on this coast the next time this con rolls around, I’ll be there with bells and a SARS mask on.

P.S: If you like friendly and enthusiastic people who are good at doing things, Kathryn Cantrell is the lady blogger for you. Her oil work is enough to bring tears to one’s eyes if one is prone to tears over art, and really, how can one not be?


3 Responses to “The Guns of Pittsburgh; Save a horse, draw a cowboy Pt. 1”

  1. Space Ape is brilliant and I’m really digging your cowboy sketches. Keep up with those!

  2. How lovely. Thank you.

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