A plague upon Iran; Inauspices; Manga Nose: the musical

Since we last spoke, I’ve completed my page for Bill Volk’s Ashes, Ashes anthology, which I’ll post after the anthology has made its debut. I’m pretty proud of it, mostly because of the ridiculous amount of research I did in order to remember what I forgot of Farsi (most of it, بلبل) and to figure out what the Persian army actually looked like (HINT: 300 is neither fair nor accurate when it comes to its depictions of Persian soldiers. For those of you who don’t know, the Persians did not use ninjas, giants, or hideous mutants in their forces. To hell, as usual, with Zak Snyder and to a slightly lesser extent with Frank Miller.).

In addition, I’ve done a couple of pages in an all-new Tentacle Kid comic! Here’s one of them now!

Clearly, I’ve not placed the dialog on this yet. I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Also, do you think those panel borders are too thin?
But I’ve stumbled upon a new method of drawing comics in recent months, which will be shared sooner rather than later. Maybe even this week, as Big C has been recommending that I do a ‘process’ post for a while now, and one should, if at all possible, heed Big C’s advice.

I’ve also been doing some studies of how my main man Urasawa Naoki does noses. I’ve been worrying about making my characters distinct from one another–they all tend to look kind of like me with different haircuts or genders and varying amounts of facial hair (see previous post). Urasawa’s genuinely masterful when it comes to keeping characters separate through long stories–the only work of his I’ve ever had character-confusion in is 20th Century Boys, and that’s mostly because I read it in the space of about a month before it was released here, and it’s 36 volumes long. My point: I LOVE URASAWA’S NOSES. The rest of his faces ain’t too shabby either.

So yeah, check back in a couple of days or next week for insight as to how (and maybe why?) I’ve figured out how to do comics, involving a preview page from the above Tentacle Kid story!


2 Responses to “A plague upon Iran; Inauspices; Manga Nose: the musical”

  1. I just read about your liking of Urasawa Naoki and realized it sounded familiar because I’m about to get Monster in the mail, via Netflix.
    Have you seen it? I’m kindoaf excited about it. I will let you know how I feel about the noses.

    • Man, MONSTER is AMAZING! I’ve gotten about 25 episodes in, and it keeps getting better and twistier with each one.
      Unfortunately, because people don’t like animoos that don’t involve a.) Crazy broads with disproportionate breasts, b.) huge robotic killing machines, or c.) tentacles, only the first 15 episodes of MONSTER are probably going to be released on DVD here. Maybe if I bug Vizmedia enough, they’ll put out the rest of the series.

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