Shojo dishes; Cloudlight; Turn off the damn TV already


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I think formalist self-makeouts are actually the logical conclusion of any and all autobio comic. /GENRE

Have you listened to ESKMO, dear friend? You should! His recent productions have been celebrations of twinkling swagger, filling-loosening bass, and admittedly terrible “I-just-dropped-a-tab-OMG-CLOUDS” type poetry. Really, if you listen to electronic music at all you should be able to turn off your linguistic centers enough to be able to appreciate the ridiculously tight production by which ESKMO’s work is characterized. Here, watch this and you’ll see what I mean.

A lot of people are classifying him as dubstep, which I guess isn’t too far off the mark–ESKMO tracks do focus pretty heavily on warbling bass and harmonic interplay (also, counterpoint. Look at me talking like I know something about music.), but the way his rhythms are constructed makes me think that his work has more to do with hip-hop and funk. The way that the dubstep scene has exploded in the last four years (what up, hipsters.) makes me wonder whether the genre label actually ever meant anything at all aside from rattling bass bins and a bunch of bros hopped up on black and tans pointedly swaying to warbled, LFO’d synths.

That said, I thoroughly enjoy well-made dubstep and have never had a black and tan. And regardless of what piddlingly specific electronic subgenre ESKMO’s low-end heavy tracks constitute, he’s pretty neat and you should probably check him out if you like that sort of thing. He’s got a really nice 75-minutes-or-so long mix of stuff off his ANCESTOR label you can get for free on his site, so cop that shit.

On an unrelated closing note, while I try to stay out of politics on blog/comics (there are more interesting ways to alienate my readership, thank you), since pointed me towards I’ve been imagining a world where I can order a freakin’ pizza without having to look at Bill O’Reilly’s unthinkable muck or hear Glen Beck spout hateful rhetoric. Sounds pretty good.

Also, you know, not having a racist propaganda station on basic cable would be neat.

OH! And one more thing. NASTY WAYS, which is Eprom and Boreta of LA’s Glitch Mob, did my new favorite remix, which is of NOLA’s inestimable Lil Wayne’s billboard-mudering Lollipop. Enjoy.


10 Responses to “Shojo dishes; Cloudlight; Turn off the damn TV already”

  1. What did you use to color this?? It looks awesome. Also, the rage/shock in the first page is fucking priceless. I usually just look at my sink with a sad look and hope I’ve got a paper plate or two to tide me over till I can overcome sheer laziness.

  2. You still haven’t gotten a flyswatter? I have an extra one.

  3. Shojo? Did you mean Shota? Oh, snap.
    This is my favorite thing you’ve drawn that I’ve seen. Notcing the past selves, and then making out with them? I straight-up chuckled.
    You should do a long slice-of-life comedy piece. I like your expressions, and your moustache is very impressive looking in the second panel.

    • I’ve actually been thinking about doing that. I’m super-wary of doing anything that navel-gazing and deliberately self-promoting though (which is why I had reservations about setting up this blog).
      I guess if I did do something like that, I’d probably take my past selves on a grand adventure, like to K-Mart or something. Clearly ChibiCanto is the Wizard.

  4. Eh, I think the majority of art, particularly by young artists, involves a great deal of gazing at one’s navel. You never know what you’ll find in there. I know a pre-op nurse who found a quarter.

  5. 1. i am completely with you on your dishes/damnit-i-live-alone-they’re-mine sentiment

    2. i can’t (oh wait, completely can) believe you have a Warriors poster

    3. miss you! but your blog pretty much makes up for it


    • 1. I’m makin’ out with me RIGHT NOW. Also, thinkin’ about doin’ dishes.

      2. No comment. I think I lost the DVD, though.

      3. Miss you too! Tambien, didn’t know you blogged. FNX for poppin’ in!

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