On the Road: AVP: Blog

Hello from the wilds of Pennsylvania!
Did these sketches a couple days ago:

H.R. Giger's design for these critters is absolutely amazing.

And I'm not totally into fishnets, but Predator looks cool too.


I’ve always been a bigger fan of Predator than of Alien–even though the Predator series is nowhere near as good as the Alien series–but let me tell you, the xenomorph was way more fun to draw. All those little details!

On that topic, I’m not actually sure who would win in an all-out battle between xenomorphs and Predators. I mean, the AVP movies are both such crap that we safely remove them from the canon, and the comics generally leave these things pretty much open. I haven’t bothered to read any of the print novels (too busy with Maldoror and trying to finish Jose Saramago’s The Stone Raft to care (also, playing Castlevania on the GBA)), so let’s leave those out too.

What do you think, intrepid reader? Hulking bipedal technological giants? Or semi-quadrapedal acid-blooded beasts?
Inquiring minds want to know.


6 Responses to “On the Road: AVP: Blog”

  1. Were the AVP movies them ACTUALLY fighting each other? Or is it like Freddy vs. Jason, where it was like…a competition to see who could kill the most dudes?

    Either way, wouldn’t Predator technically win if he suicidally did that little wrist-exploder deal?

    Pennsylvania, eh? Sounds like a short train ride to New York City to hang out with a pal to me…

    • Both the AVP movies were abortive wretches, misshapen mockeries of plot that brought tears to the eyes of even the most cynical fan.
      I guess the Predators’ ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ would probably prove to be a trump card (as it did in the first AVP), but that’s hardly satisfying. Let’s choose to ignore that in favor of more hacking and slashing?
      Also, when do you leave NYC?

  2. CJ Joughin Says:

    I saw a life-size hyper-detailed sculpture of the Alien Queen at the Sci-Fi museum in Seattle. My vote goes to that in terms of fuck-you-upability.

  3. Even though Aliens is my favorite film of ALL TIME, I’m gonna have to say the Predators would probably win a real fight.

    Thanks to the turn-style, evolving pyramid of the first abysmal AVP movie, we know that the life cycle of an alien, from face-hugger to 9-foot killing machine, takes less than 10 minutes. What?!

    I saw Stan Winston’s queen alien and cargo loader when it was on display at the Science Museum of Minnesota about 22 years ago. Stan was truly the man when it came to making movie monsters. The original Predator make-up was his too!

    • Wow! For some reason I was unaware that Stan had done the original Predator! What the hell is wrong with me.

      I wonder if the Predator could beat the xenomorph without the use of future weaponry, though. Like, if we could somehow strip the crab-faced beastie naked and throw it and one of the shiny, drooling horrors into a pit or something. I mean, maybe we could give the ol’ dread-head a knife or something.

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