Anatomy of a Cartoonist

P3n15 is blurred so u can look while @ workDid I say I would update last Friday? Cos I meant play HeroQuest and drink beer. I get these things confused sometimes.

Click to make this more legible.

Does this seem like something of which a miniposter should be made for conventions/internet sale/giveaway? Obviously, I’d deblur my p33n if you guys were going to shell up hard-earned cash moneys for it. This whole merchandising thing is still so alien to me.

Anyway, stay tuned! Did you know that auto-magically creates an RSS feed? It’s in the sidebar.


5 Responses to “Anatomy of a Cartoonist”

  1. Hannah (Front Desk) Says:

    Carl, I feel like I know you a little more intimately now.

    So I know absolutely nothing about your particular art form, and I know this is going to sound completely ridiculous & generic, but I really love your drawings! I’m at work (shhhh) so I’ve only gotten as far back as the beginning of “Susan Declares Independence”, which I enjoyed thoroughly. When I have more time I’ll have to go back further and look at the other CCS student blogs you have listed.

    Thanks for giving me the link!

    P.S. Nice fur pants.

  2. Important question: do you have an erection here?

    Or, if you prefer a more tactful phrasing: are you in the bone zone?

    • Important, but facetious answer: Yes. I flew into the Bone Zone.

      • Is that anything like flying into the danger zone?

        Would you say a large percentage of your work is Kenny Loggins-inspired? What is it about Loggins that speaks to you as an artist?

        If I keep asking interview questions now, when you’re successful people will consider me an “Early Adopter” and the Onion AV Club will pay top dollar for my questionings. Is that how journalism works? Also: what is a newspaper?

      • To answer your questions, in numerical order:

          1. Almost exactly, but with more boners.
          2. About 83-86% on most days.
          3. I think so? Maybe I have to put out a press release first and you can apple+c, apple+v to fill in the transitions between quotes. That’s how CNN does it.
          4. I’m not sure…aren’t they those big stripey horses with the fangs and claws that stalk people in India?

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