Mi Sueño del Gato


An adaptation of a real-life, genuine dream I had this past Saturday. It wasn’t really scary so much as it was unnerving…

And that BRMBRMBRM was what it sounds like when you slow down a kick drum by about 1000% in a computer waveform-editing program and amplify it (the slower you make the sound, the quieter it gets…something weird about sonics, I dunno). I used to do a bit of sound-making a long time ago. Maybe I’ll share some of that eventually…it’s kind of embarassing how political and pretentious I made it (e.g., I had a song called “Battleship Potemkin” about how kids in Che Guevara T-shirts made me lose faith in the possibility of a real populist revolution. It sampled Kochahiro Miyata playing shakuhachi. If you can find more pretense in a piece of electronic sound-manipulation that that, I will cook you dinner and rub your feet.).

Just figured I’d give ya’ll somethin’ special, since this is my last daily post. I’ll probably be back on Friday with more fresh, tasty drawings.


3 Responses to “Mi Sueño del Gato”

  1. CJ Joughin Says:

    Sooo… carrot caticorn? Is gud cat.

  2. Ok, now that your dream is in visual form and you played me some music as an example on Saturday it makes some sense to me. Now if only I could figure out those f-ed up dreams I had the same day.

  3. And, see, I have to take something to get dreams like that. Lucky…

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