Lotus Salsa, Rat Brain

First, just to get it out of the way:

freehand fractal based on lotus petals.I used to do these freehand-fractal things quite a bit when I had a job that required little intellectual or physical involvement from me a few years ago. I know there’s another one on my deviantArt somewhere, but the vast majority of them seem to have gotten lost in the cross country move. But yeah. You should try doing one sometime.

Tonight, CJ Joughin, Pat Barrett and I went to go see the Columbian Salsa Nueva group la-33 over in Hanover. After a lot of wrangling for parking space, we managed to find a good spot to watch white people dancing. Maybe I’ll share some of the drawings, maybe I’ll have something better. Only time can tell.

Also, have you heard of MEART? I haven’t experienced greater terror since the last time I thought there were microphones inside my salad, which was pretty dang terrifying. The machines have already replaced the abstract expressionists and the supremacists! YOU’RE NEXT

K, See you tomorrow!


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