C.R.E.A.M. 4: Susan Declares Independence, Part 11

I think that probably nobody can see this alt text anyway, so ima stop writing it nao.Well, maybe after this page.On a related note, I’ve started scripting what looks like my next project.

I’ve found that the best time for me to write is early in the morning (start at around 6.30-7.). Most people are either not up yet or already gone in to work, birds are singing, and I’m usually not functioning on A to B, go-get-do-type logic yet. Perfect time to let the brain worms out to play.

So yeah. I’ll set myself up outside, load my tobacco pipe and my thermos with the requisite stimulants, and watch the rest of the world wake up around me, furiously jotting down observations, ideas, and quick sketches of anuses or whatever happens to strike my fancy at the moment.

I try to do this as often as possible, but it’s difficult to get the machinery chugging at full speed before I have go & do work-that-pays.  It’s a process, readjusting to workaday world after the last two semesters at CCS, and I am confident that I can strike a balance between comics work and paying work.

Eventually, anyway.

NEXT: More giant money man, more hatching, and more incredibly-painstakingly rendered books which you’ll probably not even look at for more than a second.


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