C.R.E.A.M. 4: Susan Declares Independence, Part 6

Still all about the Benjamins.Agent Hamilton was supposed to look like Lance Henriksen, but as it turns out, I'm not real great at drawing specific people's faces.

In other news, those of you out there interested in experimental electronic music should do yourselves a favor and check out Condanna. Periodically I go through a period where I listen to a lot of almost formless, ‘difficult’ soundscapes (my Merzbow phase has yet to end, believe it or not), and Condanna’s first full-length, “E I Vermi Ammerano La Mi Carne” (Italian: “And the Worms will Love my Flesh.” Yeah, it’s that kind of thing.), features just the kind of creeping dread that I desire in my pseudoambience. The screams of tortured machines distorted by rusted ceilings, rhythmic grinding against the hollowed bones of some long-dead leviathan for a pleasure that you or I can barely conceive.

Tomorrow: Unexpected happenstances, followed by a break in which I’ll post a sketch or something.


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