Surprise Odor

I had also noticed, while searching for the source of the smell, that everything was a little greasy.

Surprise! Here’s a diary comic I did yesterday. I don’t do diary comics all that often–my life isn’t really interesting enough to warrant retelling for the most part, and god forgive me if I ever think my personal life is important enough to warrant art made out of it–but banging them out the way I did this one feels good.

Tomorrow: pages from Susan Declares Independence! Are you excited? I’m excited.


6 Responses to “Surprise Odor”

  1. Mmm, bacon grease encrusted glasses stench.

  2. CJ Joughin Says:

    Oh god, if only all auto-bio comics were like this then I might actually enjoy them.

  3. Lawrence Says:

    You are a liar. You are not excited. You are only capable of dread and extreme feelings of isolation. Odds are this comment isn’t really here. They’re just your own insecurities projecting themselves in the comments of your blog.

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