Internet Takeover Begins Here.

Hello, and welcome, welcome all, to the new home of Canto comics on the interwebs! Bookmark this shit as soon as you can.

Nothing to report, really, but I figure I’ll give you a present for having found this site:

This is an environment sketch for my now-defunct webcomic, The Tower, which I had to stop doing because I lost my handwritten script (and, as a result of that, the will to live for a couple of days).

Anyway, yeah. Enjoy looking at this.

Thursday: Watch this space for my semester-ending project, C.R.E.A.M. 4: Susan Declares Independence.


5 Responses to “Internet Takeover Begins Here.”

    IT’S LOST?!


  2. It still makes me sad 😦

  3. Maybe all you need is a home cooked meal, some good beer, and a bit of magic?

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